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SCG UC Productivity Tools © - Phone Device Survey (PDS) Instructions:
The following are general instructions. Contact your Project Manager about any questions.
The PDS is broken down into several different sections:

Site Information
Video - Paging
PSTN - Telco
Cut Sheet
Hunt Groups
PickUp Groups
Change Control
Reports - CSV and PDF
Area of responsibilities
Site Administrator (SA) are responsible for filling out all information in PSTN, Cut Sheet, Hunt Groups and PickUp Groups

All other areas will be filled in by our personnel either during onsite visits to gather information about such devices-equipment-needs or during scheduled online conferences
When presented with information requests that require scrolling to fill in or select all information needs. Some browsers hide the scroll bars.

To use place your cursor to the side the area of interest and then move up-down or left-right. In those instances the scroll bars will automatically appear when you need them.
Yellow Pages - Telco
In this area you directly add the data you need to the cell. The LEC and ILEC listbox have the first column As a Header Column. You can select them but you cannot edit them.

Moving to cells to add information:
When you mouse click into a cell you can after that use TAB or Arrow keys. When you use TAB you move to the right. When you are at the last column you move down one row. At this time the header will be highlighted but you canot edit a Header Column. Simply hot the TAB key once more to move to the data cell.

Number Porting listbox:
There are two columns in this listbox and forty rows. If you need more than forty then add the extra number of rows needed.

Adding data:
You can add data by selecting a single column from a spreadsheet or a comma delimited signle row dta from a text editior.

Spaces are delimiters when you paste into a WEB page. So if you have a space in your cells data this will be interpereted as a RETURN. So make certain your data does not have a space contained inside the cell. For Telco Ranges you could do the following.
111-222-3333-3399 or (111)222-3333_thorugh_3399
Either way when you have more than one row in your spreadsheet this will enable you to PASTE into a cell and after you hit RETURN (ENTER) the data will be placed into that column row by row.

You can use this method for other similar listboxs as well. If a Listbox has cells on the same page that identifies members of the listbox then you add data using the text areas and selecting the correct button.

Data is placed into the listbox from the cell you pasted data into and proceeds to the next row. This enables you to write over or append to existing data.